The pair split apart and circled back in an attempt to find out who or what was following them. Zed knew the time for the she-wolf to birth her pups was drawing near. He also knew that a panther was nearby stalking the mother wolf, and Darnok may need assistance. For that reason, Zed kept himself in the shadows ready to assist if the need arose. She knew it was time. Pain shot through her with nearly every step. Her wolf senses told her danger was near, but she no longer possessed the strength to run. With keen wolf vision, she searched for a safe place to birth her pups, but birth came to quickly. Exhausted, she curled up at the base of a large pine tree.

The panther waited….




The Expired

Women shrieked uncontrollably as officials herded them to the exit. Walking wounded and those in shock had arms around each other. They turned there heads from the grizzly scene. Martin could see the propeller.

Journey To My Past

Grandfather James traveled to Virginia with his kinsman Lord de la Warr in 1610.  He founded the Shelton family of America in Virginia.  My 10th great grandfather James was a resident of Jamestown, Virginia in 1620.  He married my 10th great grandmother, Anne Herbert while he was still in England.  My 10th Shelton great grandparents had 10 children.  Their son Thomas became my 9th great grandfather.  Great grandfather James Shelton, was a member of the first courts in Jamestown.  He served as a member from……

The Exile

Fallon had led him to the nearest cafe, bought him coffee, sat him down. ‘So, fella, tell me everything.’

So he did.

Fallon had sipped his coffee, listened in silence. Then…..




~ Glue

Sitting on the edge of the bed, he motioned me to come closer. When I did, he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and legs around my waist. “Wanna fuck?”

My mouth fell open at his brazen statement and, assuming it to be an invitation, he…..




“I Dare You To Love Me”

“Thanks.” I took a few steps forward but then paused, my eyes scanning the washed out walls of our cafeteria. They had been the same puke green color since I was a freshman. Even when I was student body president, I’d never cared enough to change it. “Hey, Alisha.”

She swiveled around to look at me, her face lighting up with hope.

“The walls could use a spruce. Maybe a darker green?”

Alisha did a little turn, her dark ponytail bouncing as she surveyed the whole room. She was nodding when she faced me again. “Dark green would look perfect! Thanks!” Then she hurried off to her lunch table, calling, “Tony!”




Quinten leaned back against the headrest of his car as he drove in route to the airport. Roy, his bodyguard, sat at his side unsure of why his friend and employer would put himself through this. Most guys would turn the station if their soon-to-be ex-wife were on the radio singing about how bad he had made her feel. Quinten, though, wasn’t like that. He didn’t want to run away from what he had done and being a musician himself he understood that writing about the pain could sometimes soften the blow. He encouraged it. “I don’t believe that, man.” Roy spoke up, deciding that he would like to debate the lyrics of the song since he could tell that Quinten was hashing and rehashing them inside of his head anyway. “You don’t believe what?” “The part about her saying…..




I glance around, see what looks like a chute descending from my ledge to the cave floor. Settling on its smooth surface, I slide down to the bottom. I rise and, staring fascinated at the traceries of light on the walls, I move closer to the pool. The threads of blue light on the walls mingle with the water trickling over them to become works of sculptural beauty beyond imagination.

The white spots I saw from above are, in fact, huge white flowers, their gracefully arched petals as big as a phril’s head. I lean out over the pool for a closer look. Surprised, I realize the petals are covered in fur, a thick down of gleaming white, soft as silk. The corolla of one is filled with a red liquid and I notice that a reddish net of veins runs across the petals.



‘Another Time’

He offered a leering grin, and though she tried, she couldn’t suppress an answering smile. What was it about this man? “Come on, wife. I know you’re tired.” At those words weariness overtook her, and Dee allowed him to pull her to her feet to finish unbuttoning her blouse. Dusty started to strip, then stopped, wide-eyed. “I wasn’t exactly planning to jump you, but we don’t have any protection.” “Good Lord. I wonder what they use for condoms in this era. I’ve never investigated the history of . . . At least we don’t have to worry about pregnancy.”



‘Train to the Edge of the Moon’

That girl with no name had Punk on the beach. When they were finished, Punk noticed a shadow of Puzzle standing paralyzed and watching her with the glitters of pain in her eyes. How long was she there? Was this mission accomplished? Puzzle came closer.

“You think I don’t know what you did?” Her attempt to stay indifferent crashed violently into the wall of her own affection.

“Frankly, you do. Since when you’re playing in a Peeping Tom?” Punk gave her a harsh laughter.

“I’m not going anywhere, but I won’t be your mattress whore either.”

“You thought I was a lost puppy that needed to be saved? Maybe I’m just evil,” a cruel smirk appeared on Punk’s face.

“I can see you…”