“They can read our minds. Exactly! I would like any of you to tell me how we can successfully fight an opponent that can read our minds. An opponent who so far has shown no weakness to our weapons of war. And more than that, let us say we find a way to kill them and win, what then? Do we wait the next fifty to sixty years until the remnants of humanity dies out? Do we destroy these mutants and watch the human race go into extinction?

“And what of this nation. How does our government survive if there are no more children? Who will obey the laws or care about the next day if people understand that there is no hope for a future? I made an oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution and implied in that oath is the necessity that there is someone left to govern. Someone must be alive to govern or our way of life is truly at an end.



‘Just Live’

  The night before, he confessed that he had been having an affair and I told him whatever made him happy made me happy, although he was skeptical. He swore on his life that I was all that he wanted, but I knew better. I caught them in the women’s restroom at the rehearsal hall earlier.

I listened as he lied, telling her that we agreed on him continuing to see her after we were married. The pitiful excuse for a woman sobbed while he consoled her cries.





‘The Dark Hurts’

 He looked over towards Sammie. Her body was still shaking uncontrollably and each step took two, three, or four times longer than it should have. He looked towards Sammie, but this time, his hand signals were different. They were with much more haste and urgency. Why? He could not begin to explain for the road in front and behind them no longer existed.

Sammie was only three feet away from………



‘Dracula Un-Dead’

When Cotford picked himself up, he had lost sight of the suspect and was unable to see anything past his nose. He had found himself lost in the streets, unable to find his way back to the scene of Stride’s death.

The night ended with another murder. The forth victim was discovered in Mitre Square, a mere stone’s throw away from where Cotford had tripped. When he fell, so had his career. If only he had been………



‘Different Walks’

“C’mon, I need the practice.”

He wasn’t exactly selling me on the idea, but at the same time, when did I ever require much convincing?

“Well, there is one thing I’ve had in mind…”

“Okay great! Britt is almost done here, she’ll have you in the hot seat in just a bit.

In a weird way, he was charming and had a way of making me fell comfortable. Plus Britt didn’t look half bad considering.



‘Deadly Deceit’

George Milburn tripped and put a hand out to steady himself. He sat down on a wall to rest for a moment, pulled off his cap and wiped his brow with a handkerchief already damp with sweat. It was a stifling midsummer day, the hottest he could remember for a long time. No breeze either. Just baking hot sun. OK for the young’uns, but he couldn’t cope with it any more. Maybe not the best of days to……



‘My Perfect Life at Cornish Cottage’

  As I say it I look out and feel slightly concerned as I see Mr Tumnus bouncing higher than the boys as they stamp on the trampoline to see how high he can go. I move over to the door and race over and manage to catch my furry friend as he bounces off. I really should have bought the trampoline with the safety net attachment. Will I ever stop feeling the guilt of bad parenting?



“Battle Cry 2”

  “Get out . . . now!” Bill rips off a loud roar, from deep inside his extra large stomach, like a lion growling at his prey. He slams the door behind them with so much force several pictures fall off the wall.

  “Heh, heh,” Duke quietly laughs as he looks back toward the door. “I know you’re hiding that murderer, Bill. I will catch her and make you both pay!”




‘The Sun Will Always Shine’

  They had collected Lucy from school and had listened indulgently to her nonsensical conversation for most of the journey back to the farm. Harry adored his sister and enjoyed being with her, but recently he had noticed that the happy tones that had once been her natural way of speaking had now changed to a more subdued and stilted speech. He was not sure why this had happened and wanted to believe that it was because she was starting to grow up, but in his heart he dreaded that the real reason was down to the home she was being brought up in. However, she was still able to brighten his day no matter how low he may be feeling. Her unconditional love for her brothers, and her dog, Blacky, who she would spend endless hours with, running around the yard and throwing sticks for him to catch and fetch, filled his heart each time he was in her company.




‘The Game’

Robert had the top of the time clock off and was fiddling with the tiny digital clock inside. “Done,” he said proudly. He placed the top back on and the clock hands automatically adjusted to the new time of five-oh-five. Robert scooped every timecard from its slot holder and punched everyone out.

“I can’t believe you did that,” Naomi stated with a smile.

Finished, Robert took the top off the time clock and reset it back to the correct time. “I don’t want my salary to get docked, do you?”

“Hell no. I didn’t even know the clock was adjustable. Promise to show me how to do that later, okay?”

“Oh gosh,” he said in a fake shy child-like voice. “I don’t know if I should, Miss Parks.”

“I’ll spank you if you don’t,” she answered, drawing her hand over the computer shut down button and hitting the clicker. The system beeped. She stood up and approached Robert with a cunning look in her eyes. “In fact, I think I’ll spank you anyway.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” Robert said with a smile and took her in his arms. Lips pushed against one another, his tongue forced into her mouth and was greeted with eagerness. His hands slid down her waist and squeezed her buttocks. Naomi moaned.

Someone knocked loudly on the door.

Instantly they broke the embrace.

“Yeah,” Robert called out, frustrated. He watched Naomi fetch her handbag off the floor next to her desk.

Jeff opened the door.

“What is it?”

“Sorry.” He glanced over at Naomi then his eyes drifted back to Robert.

“Just letting you know that most the lads are gone.”

Fuck, that was fast. “Fine,” he said.