‘Long Shot’

‘Yes, that’s me but…..I thought you had to…..my son does it on the internet now.’ She really did seem confused. He needed to gain her confidence.

‘We decided to give a better customer service by going back to the old days of reading the meters. It’s less messing around. It only takes a minute.’

‘That’s what I said to my Robert. We never had any bother back in my day. Hang on then.’ She shut the door then there was the sound of a security chain being slid to the side. The door opened and he was invited inside. He looked at her face contort as she tried to focus on the large white van parked outside but she was clearly at a loss without her glasses on.

‘Where is your meter?’ he asked as he walked into the lounge. He heard the door shut behind him and he knelt down ready to open his toolbox.



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