‘Finding You In Darkness’

   I decided I would play it safe and wear jeans and a tank top, but take a light jacket just in case. I left my crazy blonde locks to fall as they wanted. Grabbing my books, I started for the kitchen.

“Didn’t want to get out of bed?” Raine asked handing me coffee in a travel mug.

“No, stupid clock broke this time. I have no idea how you can be so peppy in the morning.” I pulled out the Pop Tarts and offered her one.

She took the Pop Tart and took a bite. “It’s easy.”

“How so? I really need some pointers on liking mornings.”

“I don’t know, you just get up and force yourself to deal instead turning into a slug like you do. Now, let’s go. I’m riding with you today, I’m out of gas.”

I grabbed my coffee and books with my Pop Tart hanging out of my mouth and walked out the door.

I tossed my books in and got behind the wheel. “What are you waiting for?”

“I’m seriously afraid of your car.” She looked creeped out. She was holding her books to her chest, just staring at my car.

“Why would you be afraid of my car?”

“It’s a mess, Riley. Have you ever cleaned it out?”

“Shut up and get in.” I shook my head and started the engine.



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