“What a foolish little brother,” someone sighed and she flinched as an eerie white mist enveloped them. The strange haze combusted as it imploded into a brilliant white light that crept into every dark corner, shattering the demons glamor and sending them plummeting back into reality. Her arms went up to shield her eyes as the sound of metal on metal met her ears, the demons roar sending fear and an inkling of relief skittering down her spine. The light seeped out of the room as if had never been there at all and her eyes immediately went to search the area for signs of their attacker. But the demon was gone. And in its place stood a tall, extremely handsome man that–to her complete and utter surprise–greatly resembled Kaizer. His hair fell around his ears, a rich chestnut brown that sifted around his fingers as he settled it back into place. His brows furrowed as he frowned down at them and something told her it wasn’t an expression he made often. His eyes were a shocking silver, the mercurial pigment melting into a guarded, warm, brown that both terrified and comforted her.



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