‘The Sun Will Always Shine’

  They had collected Lucy from school and had listened indulgently to her nonsensical conversation for most of the journey back to the farm. Harry adored his sister and enjoyed being with her, but recently he had noticed that the happy tones that had once been her natural way of speaking had now changed to a more subdued and stilted speech. He was not sure why this had happened and wanted to believe that it was because she was starting to grow up, but in his heart he dreaded that the real reason was down to the home she was being brought up in. However, she was still able to brighten his day no matter how low he may be feeling. Her unconditional love for her brothers, and her dog, Blacky, who she would spend endless hours with, running around the yard and throwing sticks for him to catch and fetch, filled his heart each time he was in her company.




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