His voice was coarse as he moaned, his body sleek and posted above me. His lips found mine again and he kissed me deeply, full of need. I opened my legs, letting him enter me, setting me on fire. I could feel his pressure build fast as I clung onto him and allowed our bodies to glide together in a perfect rhythm. I held him still, deep inside; and watched with bliss as his eyes rolled with pleasure and his back arched pushing deeper inside of me. My nails dug into his back as he pushed in more, never pulling back. Biting into his shoulder, I stifled my screams as I opened further for him allowing him to fill me completely.

My hands clutched at his back while my breathing stalled. Our bodies were slick with sweat as we submitted to our pleasures, both releasing. An intense quiver held our bodies, letting us shudder together. Tenderly draping his body over mine, he kissed me softly, his desires fulfilled but the need for me still apparent in his eyes. “I love you, Ember.” The words came so naturally as if his soul were speaking……




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