‘Tomoiya’s Story’

“Nice speech, Cap’n,” Manny said.

“How are the donations?” Woden asked, his fingers fumbling through loose bills littering their worktable.

“We almost have enough to pick up the supplies we need,” Manny answered. “Money is flowing in – to fight evil.”

“Good,” Woden answered. “I want to start as soon as possible. Send some men to pick up our religious supplies and load them. I’ve asked for stakes to pierce their hearts and silver bullets.”

“Isn’t that going a bit overboard?” Manny asked.

“I don’t think so,” Woden replied. “The more sensational it is, the more fear it creates. That translates into cold, hard cash for us.”

“I agree with you there,” Manny said. “It’s those skeptics I am worried about. There is already one claiming to know a vampire who isn’t evil.”

“If that person met an untimely end at the fangs of a vampire,” Woden suggested, “it would strengthen our position. Have a team take care of it.” He threw a business card on the table. “We have our own doctor to handle such cases now. While you are at it, best take care of Peters too. He knows too much for his own good. Let news of the deaths leak to all the right sources.”

“I like the way you think,” Manny said. “Makes me proud to serve under your command.”





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