‘Naupaka Blooming’

“I tapped my foot anxiously. As soon as the plane stopped and the steward gave his okay to move about, I quickly gathered up my belongings and waited impatiently for my turn to exit the plane. As I followed the other passengers toward the baggage claim area, I was instantly struck by how warm and humid the Hawaiian air was. The airport was partially open to the outside, where palm trees swayed and lovely pink-and-yellow flowers grew. Hawaiian music played in the background, relaxing melodies with ukuleles and slack-key guitars. I started to relax and couldn’t help but smile. Even though I had barely arrived, I already felt like I was home.

 While waiting for my luggage to come out on the conveyer belt, I scanned the crowd for Duke, who was supposed to be picking me up and taking me to my new home. Duke had described himself as a tall thin man with graying hair in his fifties.




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